Hollie Cooper Ceramics

Hollie asked me to come down to photograph her first group workshop in her gorgeous studio (which had recently had a make-over!)

Before the workshop, we took some photos of Hollie working on the wheel, her painting process, a few product images and of course a few of her little dog, Maggie!

Adele Leah - Career Coach

Adele got in touch when she needed some updated head shots for her new website, and content which represented a lifestyle around remote working.

We got in the studio and shot a selection of head shots, and a mix of lifestyle content which could be used across socials. 

Florence In Flowers

Amelia had hardly any photos of her doing what she does so asked me to get some nice head shots so she could show her customer who she is! 

We took some photos of her in her studio, and a mixture of other images to use across her socials and website.

Aimee Mac Illustration X Etsy

Etsy asked me to capture some images of Aimee in her work space for their mailer and socials. 

We shot a selection of images of Aimee working, her designs, and her best pal Flo.

There was so much personality within the room, which was full of Aimee's own designs, so plenty to take images of for Aimee to use across her socials.

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